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Pro Tank - Boot Mounted Fuel Tank

Pro Tank - Boot Mounted Fuel Tank

The Pro Tank is a generic fuel tank which is mounted to the vehicle via two rubber lined stainless steel straps for ease of fitment.


All Pro Tanks have the same cross-sectional dimensions - 200 mm high x 340mm wide.

We manufacture three different lengths;

       500mm  Capacity 34L
       670mm  Capacity 45L
       800mm  Capacity 54L

Standard Features


All tanks are supplied complete with type IV polyester safety foam, black 6 x 10 access plate, rollover / breather valve, -6 jic pick-up and return fittings, mounting facility for a VDO dip pipe fuel sender unit, rubber sleeved stainless steel strap kit, Aero style non locking filler cap with rubber spill tray, or angled filler pipe to allow connection of the fuel filler to an external filler cap.

The fuel pick-up, return and breather are mounted in a plate on the top of the tank for your convenience.

Optional Extras


Internal Collector

This is a small fabricated box with three one way check valves that is fitted inside the tank. Its purpouse is to collect fuel as it moves across the tank and hold it around the fuel pick up point.
The main advantage of this set up is the ability to run very little fuel in the tank without starving the feed to the engine.


Alloy Mount Tray

Whilst the Pro Tank is supplied complete with stainless steel rubber lined straps as standard, there will be applications where the surface of the required fitting area is simply too uneven to sit the tank securely, this is where the mounting tray can be useful. Simply bolt the tray down to your car floor and slide the Pro tank into the recess.


Re-positioning The Fuel Pick Up

We can re-locate the fuel pick up for use with a gravity fed fuel pump. This involves us fabricating alloy pipe work from the internal collector to the desired outlet point on the tank.

For more information on our fuel tanks please visit our Bespoke fuel tanks page, or call us on 01440 710255, email us at


Item Fuel Filler Type Tick To Buy Price
Pro Tank- PT500 £499.00
Pro Tank- PT670 £515.00
Pro Tank- PT800 £535.00
Internal Collector Assembly Complete With 3 x Check Valves £75.00
Re-locate Fuel Pick-up Position £15.00
VDO Dip Pipe Fuel Level Sender (200mm) £55.00
Alloy Mount Tray £79.00
VDO Fuel Level Gauge £49.00
Pro Tank - Powder Coat Satin Black £35.00