Mini R53 Top Mount Intercooler Kit

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Mini R53 Top Mount Intercooler Kit

With Jamie our workshop supervisor building his own R53 track car we have a great opportunity to go ahead and develop some all new products for the Supercharged Mini. First thing to come out of development is our huge top mount intercooler. Our Intercooler is not like any other on the market at the moment. With careful thought we’ve decided to replace the near side cast horn of the OEM cooler with our own elbow and machined flanges. This now allows us to squeeze in a much larger intercooler core. The difference from standard this has given is clear to see in the stats below.



 Core Surface area = 275mm x 160mm = 440 Sq/cm

 Core Tube Size  = 8mm x 50mm

 Core Tube Count = 11 off Live Tubes


PRO ALLOY INTERCOOLER CORE SPEC – 390mm x 275mm x 50mm

 Core Surface area =390mm x 245mm = 955.5 Sq/cm

Core Tube Size = 8mm x 50mm

Core Tube Count = 13 off Live Tubes



126.3% Increase in core surface area

18.2% Increase in core flow area


These stats give you a good indication of how much of an increase in cooling, flow and performance this new kit will provide.

Next was to make better use of the air entering the bay via the Cooper S’s well-recognised bonnet scoop. When you shut the bonnet the foam on the underside of the bonnet will form a tight seal with the intercooler’s scoop making sure all the fresh air is forced straight through the intercooler. These trick features come with no big adjustments to the car, there’s no cutting or drilling to be done, just simply unbolting OEM parts and bolt the new unit in.

As with all of our products we build to the highest quality, all of our intercoolers are pressure tested to insure they’re ready to handle the boost pressures expected.

The kit comes with all necessary parts to fit the unit and is available in either Satin Black or Satin Silver - With or without PRO logo on core face.




Check out the download section for step by step fitting instructions.

Item Additional Tick To Buy Price
R53 Top Mount Intercooler Kit - Satin Black £398.50
R53 Top Mount Intercooler Kit - Satin Silver £398.50
Add Water Injection Boss £16.50